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Sheerline Solutions is a specialist division within the Sheerline organisation which offers a technical advisory and back-up service for the larger scale commercial projects, together with more complex and challenging designs and fenestration requirements.

The division prides itself on its ability to develop carefully engineered designs that ensure “fit-for-purpose” fenestration solutions that fully comply with the project design parameters and specifications. To this end the project design objectives are thoroughly investigated and design proposals are meticulously formulated to provide resourceful, efficient and professional solutions that meet the aesthetic requirements, performance specifications, contractors programme and the long term durability and performance expectations of the client and professional team.

The division also evaluates the critical interface of the Sheerline products with the building structure to ensure long term performance and endurance against building movement, anticipated structural deflections, column shrinkage, live loads, wind loads and building tolerances.

Numerous successful designs developed by Sheerline Solutions grace the skylines of our major cities and the division prides itself on excellence and the ability to transform architectural creativity into fully functional and highly efficient fenestration solutions.

Sheerline Solutions offers the following range of services:


Inertia calculations & structural evaluation review.


Research and development of project specific design solutions.


Estimation and tender compilation.


AutoCAD system definition detailing.


Autodesk Revit & Inventor.


Review of critical interface details between the aluminium system and the building structure.


Rapid design and system modelling.


Thermal break options to accommodate double glazing.

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