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Building Compliance

Fenestration products installed in South African buildings have to comply with South African Building Regulations. Furthermore property owners require quality lasting aluminium products in their buildings. Crealco products offer both if:

  • Products are designed using free Crealco design software for compliance and quality assurance;
  • Fabricated using genuine Wispeco material (beware of imitations);
  • Industry precautionary and Wispeco fabrication guidelines are followed and
  • The products are maintained correctly.

There are four main sections of South African Building Legislation that windows and doors of any material need to comply with, namely:

  • SANS 10400 N - The application of the National Building Regulations Part N: Safety Glazing
  • SANS 613 - Fenestration products: Mechanical/Structural performance criteria
  • SANS 10400 XA - The application of the National Building Regulations Part XA : Energy usage in buildings
  • SANS 204 - Energy efficiency of buildings

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